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2nd XV Match Report: A highly entertaining game.

2nd XV Match Report: A highly entertaining game.

Jeanette Edwards22 Apr - 17:55
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Do please come along next Saturday for the final Norfolk Cup game.

Holt 2nd XV 17: 29 Crusaders 1st XV (Home Cup defeat)
Beccles 2nd XV 57: 40 Holt 3s (Away Cup defeat)

Thank you to Martyn Jackson our 1st XV Manager and Fixtures Secretary for hopping across to do the match reporting for the 2s game – much appreciated. Mobile photos are available by clicking here.

After conceding last week’s Norfolk Cup game because the 2nd XV lost their front row to the 1st XV, Holt 2’s were delighted to be able to field a side this week to take on old rivals Crusaders.

The Holt side contained a fair old cross section of players from throughout the club, with 8 x 3rd team players and several who had, during the course of the season, played in all 3 senior sides.

The weather was also quite a change from last weekend, with most supporters wrapped up in winter jackets and hats to provide some protection from the strong biting wind.

Holt kicked off and Crusaders immediately got on the front foot, using the wind to boot Holt backwards. Dickon Bext fielded the kick and linked with Stuart Robson who made ground, but a penalty was conceded on the Holt 10m line. Crusaders elected, with the wind behind them, to go for the posts, but missed. From the Holt 22 drop-out, Crusaders attacked but were stopped, illegally, on the Holt 22; Crusaders kicked to the corner. A catch and drive from the 5m line out bought up the first score. The kick was good.
7 mins: Holt 2nds 0 Crusaders 1sts 7.

The ball bounced into touch from the kick off. Crusaders knocked on at the line out giving Holt a scrum some 30m out from the Crusaders line. Holt ran the ball then gained a penalty, kicking into the Crusaders 22. The throw was not straight however, Crusaders kicked ahead from the scrum up to the Holt 10m line, Holt lost the line out, Crusaders spread the ball wide and ran several good tight phases to score their 2nd try. Once again, the kick was good.
15 mins: Holt 2nds 0 – Crusaders 1sts14.

Crusaders gave away a scrum on their 10m line from the kick off, then immediately gained a penalty when Holt infringed. A knock-on, on halfway, turned possession again in Holt’s favour, and Holt ran moving the ball between the backs and forwards. Jakob Coe broke through and offloaded to Richie Mann who scored Holt’s first try. Best nailed the conversion.
24 mins: Holt 2nds 7 - Crusaders 1sts14.

Mann fielded the kick off and made good progress through the Crusaders defence. The ball was recycled and Robson tried to clear Holt’s lines, but the kick was charged down and Crusaders attacked. A clash of heads saw captain Jakob Coe taken off for a HIA; Henry Flowers replaced him. The game was restarted with a scrum to Crusaders 15m out, where Holt offended and Crusaders gained a penalty 10m out. Crusaders chose to scrum and spread the ball going over for a 3rd try. Again, the kick was good.
31 mins: Holt 2nds 7 - Crusaders 1sts 21.

From the kick off the ball bounced into touch on the Crusaders 10m line; Holt turned the line and ran at Crusaders, but knocked the ball resulting in a Crusaders scrum 25m out. Crusaders infringed giving Holt a penalty; Holt ran the ball with Henry Flowers making headway, before being stopped illegally giving Holt another penalty. Once again Holt ran, but once again Crusaders stopped Holt illegally, giving Holt yet another penalty just 10m out. This time Holt kicked to touch, lost the line out, and Crusaders cleared to half way. Again, they tried to kick for territory, but the kick went straight out for a Holt line out on half way. Holt infringed at the line out and from the penalty Crusaders kicked deep into Holt’s 22. Crusaders went forward from the line out, Holt knocked on, and there was a Crusaders scrum 5m out. Crusaders knocked on resulting in a Holt scrum on their own 5m line. Robson, with a superb clearance against the wind, pushed Crusaders back to the Holt 10m line. Crusaders attacked from the line out, with Chris Hunt judged to have infringed and was yellow carded. Once more Crusaders kicked into Holt’s 22, but infringed at the line out giving Holt a chance to once more clear their lines. Robson kicked to the 22, and Blake Collings charged through the Crusaders defence but got isolated and conceded a penalty on the Holt 10m line. Crusaders went successfully for the posts.
49 mins: Holt 2nds 7 - Crusaders 1sts 24.
Half time.

Good possession from the kick off gave Robson enough space to hit a superb kick from just outside his own 22 , deep into the Crusaders 22, gaining a 50/22. Holt went forward from the line out, and were stopped illegally winning a penalty on Crusaders 5m line. Holt were unable to use the advantage, conceding a scrum, then a penalty to enable Crusaders to kick out of defence. They cleared to 30 then, winning the line out, advanced again, but infringed giving Holt a penalty 40m out. Crusaders kept the kick in and broke back to half way, but knocked on giving Holt another chance on half way. The Crusaders shove came too soon, and Holt ran the free kick as far as the Crusaders 22 before being stopped illegally and receiving a yellow card. Holt kicked to within 15m, the ball was spread wide from the line out, George Gill did a great chip over the Crusaders defence, gathering his own kick and scoring Holt’s 2nd try. The kick was missed.
10 mins: Holt 2nds 12 - Crusaders 1sts 24.

Crusaders were awarded a penalty from the kick off, another 10m was added becoming a Crusaders penalty 30m out. Crusaders ran the penalty but knocked on, and from the scum Robson once again launched another great kick into the Crusaders 22; the bounce beat the Crusaders full back, giving Holt the line out from a 50/22 about 15m out. Holt lost the line out and Crusaders cleared to Holts 10m line. Holt gained a penalty on half way and kicked to just outside the Crusaders 22, winning the scrum and running the ball at the Crusaders defence, gaining a scum some 20m out. Holt knocked on and then infringed at the scrum giving Crusaders a penalty on their own 22. Crusaders kicked to their 10m line, and Holt won the line out. Yarbo broke through to 30m out and was awarded a penalty, which was kicked to the Crusaders 5m line. Crusaders infringed, the penalty was hastily taken and dropped on the line! Crusaders won the scrum and cleared their lines, Gill fielded the kick but was tackled illegally giving Holt a penalty on half way. An altercation some 30 m out from Crusaders line saw Josh Cooper receive a red card. Bext was subbed off and Matty Woodrow came on. From the penalty Crusaders kicked deep into Holts 22, then a catch and drive saw them over the line for their 4tfh try. The conversion was missed.
50 mins: Holt 2nds12 - Crusaders 1sts 29.

The referee decided that there was still time to play. Crusaders lost the ball from the kick off, Holt seized the loose ball and went wide, finding Henry Flowers who out stripped the Crusaders defence to score Holt’s 3rd try. The kick was missed.
54 mins: Holt 2nds 17 - Crusaders 1sts 29.

Again the referee said play on, so Crusaders kicked off deep into Holt territory, but Holt belted it back to half way. Crusaders kept the ball in play and attacked from deep, but a Holt scrum on Holt’s 22 was turned over. Crusaders kicked to Holt’s 5m line, but Holt won possession, then the ref decided that enough was enough and called time after 57 mins.
Final Score: Holt 2nds 17 - Crusaders 1sts 29.

This was a great cup tie, a highly entertaining game which in the end could have gone either way. There is only one more game left, the mighty 3rds next week at home against Watton. 3pm kick off. Please all come and cheer on Ben’s intrepid army; they've been magnificent with their enthusiasm all season, even if some of the results haven’t gone their way, and they deserve a big crowd to show the club’s appreciation for their efforts.

Congratulations to the Man of the Match Logan Price – well done!
Tries - George Gill, Henry Flowers and Richie Mann
Conversions - Dickon Best

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